Collection: Tatami Mats

No Japanese home is complete without a tatami room, or washitsu (和室): a traditional multi-purpose room that is used for a variety of purposes such as eating, sleeping, and watching TV. 


Unlike the Western concept of having set rooms for specific purposes, the tatami room is the opposite of that. It is whatever it needs to be, whenever it needs to be. Featuring paper doors (shoji) and little to no furniture, nothing about it is permanent- not even the flooring. As much as they are practical and space-saving, they are also symbolic spaces that invite a spirit of ease and warmth. Their humble design speaks to the nature of Japanese culture; welcoming, respectful, and proud. This is where tatami comes in. Its durable yet lightweight design provides an easily adaptable, comfortable flooring for any purposes the room may eventually fulfill. Tatami reminds the Japanese of "home" and wherever there is tatami, there is "home".


Our tatami mats are constructed of Japanese Rush Grass with a double layer top for extra protection. Inside is a baked dried rice straw fill for strength and durability. Each mat is sewn with a black fabric border and bound with twine. A moisture resistant barrier is included in the foundation of the mat. Learn more about the composition of tatami floor mats over on our blog.


Whereas our shikifutons, kakefutons, zabutons, pillows, and shams are all made in the USA from imported Japanese fabrics, the tatami mats are assembled in China from Japanese materials and are imported to our Massachusetts warehouse


If you are looking to use a tatami mat as a foundation for your shikifuton, please see our tatami size guide and blog on how to build a complete Japanese Sleep System before ordering. We also have a complete tatami care guide and FAQ as well.