The Japanese Futon


For centuries, the people of Japan have had to make the best of the little space available. The average family had one room, which served all purposes - eating, sleeping, working, and living.

Out of this grew the Japanese futon.

Shikifuton, also called shiki futon, shikibuton or shiki buton, is the Japanese mattress.

The premise behind a Shiki Futon is not to be a cheap alternative to a bed but rather to be a complete sleep system.

Your level of desirable comfort depends on a number of factors. The most important factor when considering how much of the sleep system to purchase is what you are sleeping on now.

Your body and all its muscles adjust to your sleeping surface over time. Just as you may wakeup feeling sore or uncomfortable or get a poor night's sleep in a hotel room, you may have a short adjustment period to your new futon. This is usually about a week.

If you have been sleeping on an American Futon that is typically 6-12 inches in thickness or a sofa or directly on the floor, the Shiki Futon will be heaven in comparison. If you have been sleeping on a pillow top mattress, and transition over, you may find the Shiki Futon a bit firm.

The best way to determine your needs is to purchase the Shiki Futon to start. Try it for at least a week. If you feel that you need additional support or comfort, purchase the 3-Fold Mattress.

Everyone is unique in their sleep needs and only you know what you need, however, we have found in hundreds of cases that most people who have suffered a bad back and cannot sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time due to muscle soreness, etc. have seen some type of improvement by using our Shiki Futon. This is due to the proper posture attained by sleeping on a firmer surface and adding our Soba Gara Makura (Buckwheat Hull Pillow) for proper body alignment.