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What Size Tatami Mat Should I Order?

Corresponding Tatami Mat sizes for each Shikifuton

These are our recommendations for the best fitting Tatami Mat for each Shikifuton. Please check measurements with your space and your futon selection to ensure that these are a good fit for you. Some combinations may be a Tatami Mat that is slightly larger or slightly smaller than the Shikifuton.

Cot Shikifuton: Folding Tatami Mat, Euro Full Tatami Mat (single mat), or Queen Tatami Mat (single mat)

Twin Shikifuton: Standard Tatami Mat, Folding Tatami Mat, or European Full Tatami Mat (two mats)

TwinXL Shikifuton: Folding Tatami Mat, or Queen Tatami Mat (two mats)

Full Shikifuton: Folding Tatami Mat (two mats), or European Full Tatami Mat (two mats)

Queen Shikifuton: Queen Tatami Mat (two mats)