What Size Tatami Mat Should I Order?

Corresponding Tatami Mat Sizes for Each Shikifuton

These are our recommendations for the best fitting Tatami Mat for each J-Life Shikifuton. Please check measurements with your space and your futon selection to ensure that these are a good fit for you. Some combinations may be a Tatami Mat that is slightly larger or slightly smaller than the Shikifuton.

Use our guide to learn more about building your new Japanese sleep system.

Cot Shikifuton: Folding Tatami Mat (Standard size), Euro Full Tatami Mat (single mat), or Queen Tatami Mat (single mat)

Twin Shikifuton: Standard Tatami Mat, Folding Tatami Mat (Standard size), or European Full Tatami Mat (two mats)

TwinXL Shikifuton: Folding Tatami Mat (Standard size), or Queen Tatami Mat (two mats)

Full Shikifuton: Folding Tatami Mat (Queen size), or European Full Tatami Mat (two mats)

Queen Shikifuton: Queen Tatami Mat (two mats), Folding Tatami Mat (Queen size)

*King Shikifuton: Queen Tatami Mat (three mats)


J-Life Tatami and Shikibuton Sizing: Shikifuton and tatami mat size guide/ chart

*Please Note: A King size futon can be made by placing two TwinXL futons side by side. We do not offer an individual mattress in a King size.