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    Celebrate the arrival of spring with Japanese floral bedding, all-natural incense sticks, Zen statues for the garden, and more.

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    Check out the traditional Japanese bedding and home decor that our customers have chosen time and time again.

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    No traditional Japanese home is complete without a Tatami Room (washitsu; 和室).

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Spring Lookbook

To celebrate the changing of the seasons, we’ve created 2 new Japanese style bedding bundles inspired by flowers that hold significance in Japanese culture: wisteria & sakura (cherry blossom). These bedding sets bring elegant spring colors into the home while providing the time-tested comfort of authentic Japanese bedding.


Japanese Shikifutons

For centuries the Japanese have made beds in a unique way to fit a simple yet elegant lifestyle.

Futons covered in exquisite fabrics. Futons filled with pure and simple cotton. Futons that offer comfort at night and compact storage during the day.

We have reproduced small quantities of this quintessential Japanese futon mattress and can now proudly offer the J-Life Traditional Japanese Shikifuton in four distinctive limited edition 100% cotton fabrics from Japan. Each is hand made using vintage equipment found nowhere else in the United States.

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Best Selling Shikifutons

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  • I'd no idea how warm that silk can keep you! This kakefuton will be all that you will need to stay warm throughout the winter.

    - Lynn

  • I tend to wake up with a either neck pains or back pains. I heard about how beneficial Japanese shikifutons would be. So i bought one and it helped a lot.

    - Kimmai

  • I actually really like the smell. Very comfy and authentic.

    - Thuy

  • My shikifuton is beautiful (with dragonfly cover), sturdy, well-made and exactly what I needed for my back. Thank you so much for making it with such care to detail. It really shows that you are passionate about your products.

    - Daniela

  • J-Life International is an excellent company with high quality products. I purchased the round buckwheat hull pillow for under my neck. It works perfect for back sleepers (such as myself). Best sleep I've had in years!!

    - Andrew

  • I absolutely love my night fall custom covered shikibuton. It is extemely comfortable. I recomend it to anyone who would love to ditch their old lumpy mattress and reap the comforts of a japanese style shikibuton.

    - Jesse

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