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Japanese Shikifutons

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I'd no idea how warm that silk can keep you! This kakefuton will be all that you will need to stay warm throughout the winter.


I tend to wake up with a either neck pains or back pains. I heard about how beneficial Japanese shikifutons would be. So i bought one and it helped a lot.


My shikifuton is beautiful (with dragonfly cover), sturdy, well-made and exactly what I needed for my back. Thank you so much for making it with such care to detail. It really shows that you are passionate about your products.


J-Life International is an excellent company with high quality products. I purchased the round buckwheat hull pillow for under my neck. It works perfect for back sleepers (such as myself). Best sleep I've had in years!!


I absolutely love my night fall custom covered shikibuton. It is extemely comfortable. I recomend it to anyone who would love to ditch their old lumpy mattress and reap the comforts of a japanese style shikibuton.