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J-Life Kakefuton / Kakebuton
J-Life Kakefuton / Kakebuton

J-Life Kakefuton / Kakebuton

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Hand Pulled Silk Makes the Difference!

Each of these soft, thick comforters is filled with hand-pulled mulberry silk - completely natural and untreated. Light and supple, silk fibers constantly equalize temperature and retain body warmth making them a superior filling for kakefutons. The 100% cotton inner cover is quilted to guarantee that the silk filling does not shift - adding to the even-heating properties of these delighful kakefutons.

Perfect for Allergy Sufferers!

Unlike down and cotton, Silk is naturally hypo-allergenic and inhospitable to dust mites. Mildew resistant - silk whisks away and dissipates moisture.

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