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J-Life Kakefuton / Kakebuton

J-Life Kakefuton / Kakebuton


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Hand Pulled Silk Makes the Difference

Each of these soft, thick comforters is filled with hand-pulled mulberry silk - completely natural and untreated. Light and supple, silk fibers constantly equalize temperature and retain body warmth making them a superior filling for kakefutons. The 100% polyester inner cover is quilted to guarantee that the silk filling does not shift - adding to the even-heating properties of these delightful kakefutons.

Perfect for Allergy Sufferers

Unlike down and cotton, silk is naturally hypo-allergenic and inhospitable to dust mites. It is also Mildew resistant; silk whisks away and dissipates moisture.

Pair a new kakebuton with our shikibuton for the ultimate traditional Japanese sleep experience. These luxurious Japanese comforters are praised for their outstanding plushness and quality, as well as their moisture wicking abilities which set them apart from any Western competitor. Whether combined with one of our shikifutons or a traditional mattress and box spring set, our kakefuton is sure to bring you into a world of more comfortable and healthy sleep for years to come.

Our kakefutons are also available with custom covers, handmade in the USA from imported Japanese fabrics.

Includes a carrying bag for easy transportation or seasonal storage.

Kakefuton Size Chart

Single (Cot/Twin)

71” x 87”

5.6 Pounds

Double (TwinXL/ Full)

79” x 91”

6.4 Pounds


86” x 92”

7.0 Pounds


90” x 104”

7.0 Pounds


J-Life Kakefuton Care Guide

Please be sure to see our complete kakefuton care guide blog.

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