Collection: Buckwheat Pillow Covers

Our buckwheat pillow cases make it easy to replace a soiled or worn cover, or to refresh the look of your existing cushion, without buying a whole new buckwheat pillow. Our Japanese buckwheat pillow covers are handmade in the USA of 100% cotton, imported Japanese fabrics.

The J-Life Buckwheat Hull Pillowor Soba Gara Makura, is inspired by centuries of Japanese sleep traditions. The buckwheat husk filling used in these unique pillows creates a sleep surface that is firm yet comfortable, which helps keep the head and neck aligned in any sleep position for pain-free mornings and restful sleep. To learn more about how a sobakawa pillow can improve your sleep, please visit our blog.

Our organic buckwheat pillow filling is also available for customized comfort, or to replace old or soiled buckwheat.