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9' X 9' Tatami Room Kit

9' X 9' Tatami Room Kit

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This 9' X 9' Tatami Room Kit comes with four standard size mats and one half mat. This four and a half mat kit is the perfect combination to achieve a 9' x 9' tatami space.

No Japanese home is without a Tatami Room (washitsu; 和室) which is used for a variety of purposes (eating, sleeping, watching TV). The tatami remind the Japanese of "home" and wherever there is tatami, there is "home".

Our tatami Mats are constructed of Japanese Rush Grass with a double layer top for extra protection. The inside is a baked Dried Rice Straw Fill for strength and durability.

Each mat is sewn with a black fabric border and bound with twine. A moisture resistant barrier is included in the foundation of the mat. Learn more about tatami mat composition here.


  • The tatami mat set consists of 4 standard tatami mats & one half tatami mat.
  • Standard mats measure 70 7/8" ( 71") long x 35 3/8" wide x 2" high and weigh approximately 66 pounds.
  • Half tatami mat measures 35.44" long x 35.44" wide x 2" high and weighs approximately 34 pounds.
  • Two of the most popular traditional layouts that you can achieve using this kit are shown at left.
  • If you are looking to use a tatami mat as a foundation for your shikifuton, please refer to our tatami size guide (pictured below) and blog on how to build a complete Japanese sleep system.

Please refer to our Tatami Mat Care Guide to learn how to care for your tatami room kit.

Tatami mat and shikifuton size guide/ chart

*King size futons are made by placing two Twin XL futons side by side

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