Collection: Japanese Incense

A curated selection of traditional Japanese incense sticks (香) and incense burners, all crafted using traditional methods that date back hundreds of years. Use these incense offerings as a way to purify your spirit and surroundings during daily at-home use or meditation practices.


For nearly 1,500 years, incense has been an integral part of Japanese tradition, thanks to its introduction and popularization by Japanese Zen Buddhists. They have long since used incense as a ritual offering and as a means of cleansing the spirit and space around oneself.


From this, The Way of Fragrance, or Kōdō (香道), was born during the 15th century; the formal, traditional artform centered around using and appreciating incense that is often compared to the Japanese tea ceremony (茶の湯). The pleasant fragrance and cleansing properties of incense is still beloved in the present day by both spiritual practitioners and casual users across Japan and the world over.