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Flower Bundle Incense
Flower Bundle Incense_Lifestyle
Flower Bundle Incense_Lifestyle_Incense
Flower Bundle Incense_Lifestyle_Incense_Japanese Style
Flower Bundle Incense_Lifestyle_Incense_Japanese Style_Traditional
Flower Bundle Incense_Lifestyle_Incense_Japanese Style_Traditional_1

Flower Bundle Incense

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These Flower Bundle Incenses are each inspired by different floral arrangements to bring warm and cheerful feelings of springtime. Each scent will leave your home and mind feeling refreshed.

Each incense bundle comes in a beautifully printed paper package that features a lovely flower pattern, making it perfect for decorative display or as a gift.

Cherry Blossom

The classic, bright smell of cherry blossoms that fills the air during early spring in Japan.

Leaves of Spring

A crisp and clean spring scent inspired by the fresh scent of newly sprouted grasses and flowers.

Beautiful Spring

A fruitier spin on spring fragrance that offers a sweet aroma, like a walk through a flower meadow in late spring.


  • No bamboo core

  • Each box includes 40 sticks and a white mini ceramic incense holder

  • Approximately 25 minute burn time

  • 6" long