Dorm Essentials Inspired by Japanese Living

Dorm Essentials Inspired by Japanese Living

Generally speaking, Japanese design prioritizes functionality and minimalism; that every item in the home should serve a purpose. This concept can also be applied to living in a dorm, apartment, or other academic housing, since these spaces typically offer limited space and furniture. By optimizing what space you do have in your dorm, and only bringing items that truly serve a purpose with you back to campus this fall, you can reduce stress caused by clutter so you’re able to concentrate more on what really matters: your education!

The J-Life Japanese Sleep System is inspired by the style of traditional Japanese bedding still found in Japanese homes and apartments today. It is intended to be convertible, practical, and space-saving to suit smaller Japanese spaces than those found in Western homes.

Japanese Floor Mattress | J-Life

The Perfect Bed

When living in a dorm, your bed becomes much more than just a place to sleep! Any present or past college student will tell you that, due to limitations on space and furniture, the bed becomes the focal point of most American dorm rooms. Students can expect to spend plenty of time in their dorm bed studying, eating, socializing, working, napping, relaxing, and so on.

Since this single piece of furniture will likely be central to many aspects of life inside your dorm room, it should be comfortable yet practical enough to effectively serve all of its many roles. Here are some J-Life bedding products to increase your dorm bed’s comfort and practicality:

  • Dorm mattresses are notoriously thin, uncomfortable, and unhygienic. The J-Life Shikifuton can be used to replace a dorm mattress entirely or go on top of it for added comfort and healthier sleep posture (and yes it comes in TwinXL!)
    • Tip: A traditional Japanese futon isn’t just for sleeping! Your shikifuton can be used as a sofa for guests or as a cozy study nook. Visit our blog to learn more about alternative shikifuton uses.
  • Use our Shikifuton Protective Cover to keep your mattress safe from college mishaps like accidental spills or other messes on your bed. This shikibuton mattress cover easily zips over your Japanese mattress for added moisture resistance.
  • A Kakebuton duvet will help to keep you warm in drafty dorm rooms. Thanks to its hygienic silk filling, your Japanese duvet insert doesn’t need to be washed like a typical bulky comforter - saving you time and money on expensive college laundry rooms or laundromats. Simply unzip your Japanese duvet cover, remove the insert, and machine wash the cover when needed. Find our kakefuton care guide can be found hereFor our silk kakefuton covers, please refer to our silk bedding care instructions.
J-Life Kakefuton: The Japanese Duvet
  • The J-Life Silk Sleeping Pillow is luxuriously comfortable and has hygienic silk filling, just like our kakefutons. Choose from dozens of our imported Japanese fabrics to mix and match your Pillowcases with other J-Life bedding covers. These pillowcases are also machine washable.
  • Don’t forget to add a couple of Japanese Throw Pillows on top for extra comfort and to complete the look of your Japanese style bed!

Dorm Decor

No dorm is complete without some dorm room decor that truly makes it feel like your home away from home.

  • A Noren (Japanese style door curtain) can be used as a dorm privacy curtain in any shared space, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, or common areas. They can also be used as window curtains, closet curtains, or wall decorations. Visit our blog if you’d like to learn more about the history of noren door curtains and how to use one.
  • Essential Oil Blends (1, 2) combined with our pottery stone oil diffusers (1, 2) create a calming, lasting fragrance that will help you relax after a long day of classes, or focus when it’s time to study. These are an excellent alternative to incense or candles, which are forbidden in most American dormitories. (Just make sure your roommates don’t mind the fragrance!)
  • Our adorable little Feng Shui Cat figure makes for a great study buddy/ dorm desk decor piece, or gift for the soon-to-be college student in your life. The green Feng Shui Cat is especially effective at bringing success and luck in academic studies.
J-Life Feng Shui Cat Figurine - Green
  • If you’re looking for dorm room wall decor, look no further than our Vintage Japanese Poster Hanging Kit! With its colorful design and convenient hanging frame, this dorm poster will liven up your space - without damaging the walls.
  • Manage stress during a much-needed study break or 5 minute meditation session with our Miniature Garden Kit. This tiny desktop zen garden doesn’t take up much space, but is an entertaining relaxation tool.
  • Keep a couple of Zabuton floor pillows in your closet or under your bed for when friends come by for group study sessions, or just to hang out. Floor cushion seating helps to save space while still comfortably seating multiple people when needed. Our Japanese Zabuton Cushion Covers easily unzip to go in the wash, or if you’d like to replace/ swap the cover for a new one.
Japanese Sitting Pillow | J-Life

Brain Food

The majority of students living in on-campus housing invest in a dining plan offered by their school. Even some off-campus students will take advantage of university dining plans. While many schools offer a variety of different ways to get a warm meal on campus, busy class schedules unfortunately don’t always allow time to grab something at the dining hall. Sometimes, it’s easier to quickly make or reheat food in your room, like if you’ve got an assignment due in an hour!

Our Tableware Collection contains a variety of different Japanese tableware that will make eating in a dorm room fun and easy.

  • Eating with a set of reusable Chopsticks can make even a bowl of basic instant noodles feel more exciting (and help you improve your chopstick skills!) Eating with chopsticks even has some interesting health benefits, which you can learn about on our blog.
  • Matcha Bowls can serve multiple roles in a set of dorm dishes. They can be used as soup bowls, tea mugs, cereal bowls, snack dishes, and much more.
J-Life Matcha Bowl - Blue
  • A Sushi Plate Set can be used for a variety of meals - not just sushi. It's a good idea to have duplicate dishes in a range of sizes/ styles while living in a dorm to accommodate a variety of foods or a guest. This small sushi dish set is enough for two people to eat without taking up as much space as a full dish set.
  • Our colorful Double Tier Bento Box is perfect for bringing meals on the go to classes, work, or the library.
J-Life Japanese Bento Box

No matter what your dorm looks like, your education is what matters most. Making your dorm a comfortable place conducive to your lifestyle and education should be your main priority as you start crossing items off your dorm room checklist. The team at J-Life wishes the best of luck to all new or returning students this fall!


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