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Feng Shui Cat
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Feng Shui Cat

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Our adorable fortune cats can help attract good luck and fortune into your life. In Japanese the cats are called "Maneki Neko" which translates to "beckoning cat". It is believed that the raised paw is meant to wave in good fortune for it's owners, which is why they are commonly displayed in stores, restaurants, and other businesses. Learn more about cats in Japan here.

Not every cat will beckon the same luck, each color will bring a different energy into your home.

  • Black: A black Feng Shui Cat wards off evil spirits and creates a safe space. It is also said to protect you from stalkers.

Place a black cat in the north for prosperity and in the east for protection and good health. These cats increase savings and investments when placed in the southeast. Situate a black cat in the southwest to protect the woman of the house and activate wealth.

  • Green: Green Feng Shui Cats assist with academic studies and education. It brings luck and good health. In the southeast, it creates wealth while it increases your fame and success when placed in the south.
  • White: White Feng Shui Cats attracts positivity and positive things into your life. They represent purity and happiness. A white cat placed in the north attracts income and opportunities. Set in the west, it benefits children and creativity, and in the northwest, it brings helpful people and travel opportunities.
  • Gold: A golden Feng Shui Cat attracts good fortune and money. Placed in the west, Golden cats benefit children and creativity. In the northwest, it aids the man of the house (or breadwinner) and brings networking options. In the north, a golden cat attracts increases in income.
  • Pink: Pink Feng Shui Cats invites romance and good luck in relationships into your life.
  • Red: Red Feng Shui Cats are used to ward off evil and sickness, especially in children. It also brings good fortune in love, marriage, and personal matters.

Pink and red cats are especially helpful for success and fame when placed in the south corner. In the southwest, they are beneficial for greater happiness in relationships.

  • Yellow: Yellow Feng Shui Cats represent good health and stability. They also enhance happiness in a marriage.

Each Feng Shui Cat measures 2.5" l x 2" w x 2.25" h.

Made in Japan.

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