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Tora Graphic Noren Japanese Door Curtain

Tora Graphic Noren Japanese Door Curtain


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The Japanese style door curtain (noren; 暖簾) originated as a way for Japanese shopkeepers and homeowners to protect their space from dirt and weather while still allowing fresh air and light into the premises. Noren curtains are often used in outdoor doorways where they double as a form of signage for businesses. They are also hung indoors to divide spaces while providing some degree of privacy. Visit our blog to learn more about the history of the Japanese noren curtain.

This traditional Japanese noren features a bold woodblock-style graphic of a tiger (tora; ) amongst lush mountains and a waterfall. Despite there never being a known tiger species native to Japan, this noble feline is a widespread motif in Japanese art and myth, particularly art of the Edo period (1615 - 1868 AD). These animals were particularly revered by the samurai class for their strength, courage, and intelligence. In the modern era, the tiger persists as a symbol of strength, bravery, good health, and as a ward against evil spirits.

As is custom, the The Tora Graphic Noren Japanese Door Curtain is designed with a center split in the fabric to allow for easy passage through doorways.


  • Features a convenient center split design.
  • Size: 32" W x 59" L.
  • Fabric: polyester/ rayon blend.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Tension rod sold separately.
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