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Jade Green Tea Cup with Strainer and Lid

Jade Green Tea Cup with Strainer and Lid


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Our Tea Cup with Strainer and Lid makes it quick and easy to brew a single cup of tea for one person. Whether you like a warm cup of tea before bed, or enjoy it as a morning pick-me-up, this tea strainer mug is perfect for one small portion of tea.

This tea infuser mug features a unique Japanese-inspired design with no handle. Each piece of this tea for one set fits together neatly, so you can enjoy loose leaf tea without any hassle.

Visit our blog to learn about the tradition of the Japanese Tea Ceremony: a complex and artistic ritual centered around the preparation, presentation, and consumption of matcha tea.


  • Infuser: 3.75"dia. x 3"H

  • Cup: 3.5"dia. x 3"H

Material: Ceramic

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