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Seiun Violet Low Smoke Incense Rolls

Seiun Violet Low Smoke Incense Rolls

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Seiun incenses seek to inspire greatness in all who burn their calming and refreshing products. This particular scent features a bright floral fragrance with strong notes of purple violet.

The brightly printed packaging features a single blue cloud passing over the peak of a purple-tinted Mt. Fuji at dusk- a symbol for aiming high and striving for a bright future.


  • Burn time of about 25 minutes.

  • 5.5" long

  • Features a higher charcoal content than most incense, allowing for a cleaner burn and crisper fragrance experience.

  • Approximately 47 sticks per roll.

Never run out of your favorite low smoke incense with our 10 roll box option, or order just one roll with our sample size option if you're new to this product.

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