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Scentsual Aromatic Incense

Scentsual Aromatic Incense

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Scentsual aromatic incense is available in a variety of fresh and fragrant plant-based scents that will be sure to delight the senses.

Each package includes 30 sticks and a small ceramic incense holder. Each stick is approximately 4.75" long and burns for about 25 minutes.

Brilliant Blue Lavender: An herbal fragrance of refreshing, sweet lavender and lavender leaves that spread out in a vast field in early summer.

Sweet White Sage: A crisp fragrance of white sage leaves with a fresh note of lime, creating a deep, full-bodied aroma with a hint of cedarwood fragrance.

Fresh Green Tea: A freshly brewed green tea fragrance with emphasis on leafy green, expressed with floral aroma like jasmine.

Calm Hinoki Mint: A fresh minty fragrance of crisp hinoki, delivering sweetness of wood by blending with serene lemon aroma.

Bitter Pink Ginger: An exhilarating fragrance of cool, spicy ginger added with the spicy aroma of cinnamon & clove, and green herb aroma of lemongrass, blended with sweetness of rose.

Sparkling Gold Yuzu: A citrus fragrance of bursting juicy yuzu expressed using mandarin, tangerine, and orange along with yuzu tree’s leafy green aroma.

Palo Santo: Made with real palo santo powder to create the most authentic deep, sweet scent of the sacred palo santo plant.

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