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Pottery Stone Oil Diffuser
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Pottery Stone Oil Diffuser

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This one-of-a-kind Pottery Stone Oil Diffuser serves to mimic the stones found in nature. These pottery rocks come in 3 rounded shapes resembling the stones in a riverbed- gently sculpted and smoothed by centuries of gently flowing water.

Display your diffuser rock individually or place all 3 unique shapes together to create a stunning piece of art and homage to nature. When displayed with our Porcelain Oil Diffuser Tray, one cannot ignore the resemblance the display shares with a traditional Zen garden's carefully etched white sands. Combined with the soothing effects of the aromatic oils, this oil diffuser set becomes an experience that pleases nearly all of the senses.

Thanks to the absorbent nature of uncoated ceramic, the oil of your choice is slowly absorbed and held by the stone, then its pleasant fragrance is gradually released into the air over time.


  1. Place the stone on the Porcelain Oil Diffuser Tray or any similar dish, hole facing up.
  2. Pour just a few drops of your desired scent into the hole.
  3. Refresh as needed with 6 drops of oil.
  4. For maximum effect from your oils, do not use different scents of oil in the same stone.


Each pottery rock is unique and each shape is made in limited batches. Please expect minor variations in color and shape from your ceramic pottery stones.

Elemense Diffuser Oil (pictured) not included.

Specially designed for use with the Porcelain Oil Diffuser Tray (pictured- not included).