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Porcelain Oil Diffuser Tray

Porcelain Oil Diffuser Tray

SKU: 5360-NK-Elemense-98116

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Our Porcelain Oil Diffuser Tray is designed to serve as a base for the Pottery Stone Oil Diffuser. This porcelain tray features raised, concentric circles in a bright white color. These ridges help to collect any messy excess oils that may leak from your diffuser stone and help the scent to linger pleasantly in the air.

Think of this Porcelain Oil Diffuser Tray as the white sands of a Zen garden and the Pottery Stone Oil Diffuser as the rocks scattered in that garden- combining to create a beautiful and therapeutic piece of decor.


Specially designed for use with the Pottery Stone Oil Diffuser (pictured; sold separately), but can be used with any diffuser/ essential oil combo.

Elemense Diffuser Oil (pictured) sold separately.

Measures just under 7" in diameter and .35" thick.

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