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Kyara Momoyama Deluxe Aloeswood Incense

Kyara Momoyama Deluxe Aloeswood Incense

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Kyara Momoyama Deluxe Aloeswood Incense is an exceptionally crafted, premium quality incense. Experience a fragrance experience like no other with this finely crafted incense that is perfect for significant rituals/ ceremonies, special occasions, or especially deep sessions of meditation and relaxation.

The wood used to create these luxurious aloeswood incense sticks comes from the highest quality aloeswood (kyara) that only grows in a certain region of Vietnam. It is harvested in small batches, then the wood is hand-crafted into incense sticks by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques.

The name "Momoyama" is a reference to the Momoyama period of Japanese history (c. 1575-1600). This period of Japanese history is rather brief and is often overshadowed by the later and more well-known Edo period (1603-1867), but was a time of opulence and extravagance for Japan. Grand castles were constructed and gold details found their way into all aspects of art and architecture- reaching unprecedented levels of grandeur. This Momoyama incense seeks to replicate the lavishness that this period is known for and create an aroma that smells and looks as luxurious as the eponymous era of old Japan.


Long Stick

Includes approximately 60 sticks of incense that are finely bundled in printed paper wrapping and wooden box.

Approximately 45 minute burn time.

Sticks each measure about 8.5" long.

Regular Stick

Includes approximately 115 sticks of incense in a fabric covered box with gold foil detailing.

Approximately 25 minute burn time.

Sticks each measure about 5.5" long.

Short Stick (Gift Set)

Includes approximately 36 sticks of incense, collectable wooden booklet-style box, and ceramic incense burner stand.

Approximately 13 minute burn time.

Sticks each measure about 2.25" long.

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