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Kayuragi Incense Sachets

Kayuragi Incense Sachets

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Each of the mini Kayuragi sachets is filled with blended sandalwood powder with fragrance.

Using incense sachets is an easy way to enjoy high-quality fragrance in daily life without smoke or flame. Place business cards inside the wooden box with the sachet in it to have the scent absorbed. Or, place the sachet inside a wallet, purse, drawers, or car for a lasting fragrance. You can even enclose one in a greeting card for someone to share your favorite scent.

6 sachets are included in each box.

Also available in sticks or cones.


Safe Use Instructions:

  • Avoid using the sachet with garments with gold/silver threads and items with precious metal. Dullness on the surface may occur.
  • Avoid placing the sachet for long hours on painted surfaces, plastic surfaces, and fabric. Changes on the surfaces may occur.
  • Avoid placing them in high temperatures. Use and store out of reach of children.
  • Do not use for other purposes. Do not eat.
  • Do not burn the sachet or the scented powder.
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