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Japanese Tea Cup Set - Temple Indigo

Japanese Tea Cup Set - Temple Indigo

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This beautiful traditional Japanese Tea Cup Set features stylized depictions of two famous Zen Buddhist temples located in Kyoto, Japan on a blue and black background.

The small mug features the Kinkaku-ji temple (金閣寺). This temple is best known for the gold leaf coating that covers the entire outside of the temple's upper stories.

The large mug features the Kiyomizu-dera temple (清水寺). Perched in the foothills of Mt. Otowa, this temple is a popular travel destination thanks to the breathtaking view view of Kyoto offered from its large observation deck.

This style of Japanese tea mug (yunomi, 湯のみ) is traditional in Japan for casual tea drinking. Since they lack handles, these mugs are typically sipped using two hands. A set of two mugs like this is known as a "meoto yunmoi" or "teacup couple", where the larger cup is the 'husband', and the smaller is the 'wife'.

These Japanese mugs make for a wonderful addition to any kitchen to hold your favorite warm beverage, as decor, or as a thoughtful gift.


Large mug: 2.75" W x 3" D x 3.75" H

Small mug: 2.75" W x 2.75" D x 3.5" H


Made in Japan.

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