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J-Life Solid White Buckwheat Hull Pillow

J-Life Solid White Buckwheat Hull Pillow

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Pillow Sheath
Save 10% when you order both unscented pillow styles (Neckroll & Rectangular) as a set!

The J-Life Soba Gara Makura

The J-Life Buckwheat Hull Pillow, or Soba Gara Makura, adheres to centuries of Japanese tradition by creating a pillow that is simple, comfortable, and durable. In Japan, the most popular type of pillow is not filled with down feathers or synthetic fiberfill. It is filled with buckwheat hulls- the tiny seed casings of the buckwheat plant.

This buckwheat pillow features a solid design in crisp white fabric.


Why Switch to Buckwheat?

Buckwheat husk pillows create a sleep surface that is firm yet cushioned, so it conforms perfectly to the curvature of the neck and head in any position. This can be particularly beneficial for people who suffer from neck or back pain, as the pillow helps to align the spine and improve sleep posture.

Buckwheat husk filling is also naturally hypoallergenic, breathable and moisture-wicking, which helps keep you cool and dry throughout the night.

The buckwheat hulls we use in our pillows are 100% organic, double cleaned, and grown here in the USA. They contain no toxic chemicals from fumigation unlike imported buckwheat hulls.


Traditional Japanese Comfort

Our buckwheat pillows are available in two styles: the buckwheat neckroll pillow and the rectangular buckwheat pillow (sold separately). Faithful to Japanese tradition, your buckwheat husk pillow set is composed of:

  • An outer sheath that functions like a pillowcase and is available in White Ultra Sateen or in the same matching fabric as the outer case. In Japan, the color white is considered sacred and is associated with purity, humility, and cleanliness. It holds great significance in the Shinto religion.
  • An outer case made with 100% cotton imported traditional Japanese fabric.
  • 100% organic buckwheat hull filling.

You can also choose to add the calming, sleep-inducing fragrance of organic French lavender to your pillow.

All of our buckwheat sleeping pillows are handmade by skilled craftsmen and designed to last for many years. After you try it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.


Rectangular Buckwheat Pillow: 13" x 18" - 3.8 pounds

Buckwheat Neck Pillow: 3.5" x 15" - 1.2 pounds


Visit our blog to learn more about the Japanese tradition of Soba Gara Makura and to view our care guide.

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Lauren W.
United States United States

Fantastic investment!

I have struggled to find a pillow that doesn't cause neck pain for the last 2 years. I have bought an ungodly number of pillows trying to find 'the one', but all of my attempts were in vain until I bought this pillow. Switching from a traditional western pillow definitely takes some getting used to, but having the ability to customize the fill level to the perfect height means no more achy neck in the morning. It's very firm compared to a traditional pillow, but once you get used to it, it's very supportive and comfortable! As for the noise as some people have mentioned, I did not find this to be an issue and it quiets down very quickly once you settle in. The outer case keeps the pillow firm and personally I like it to be a little softer, so I created a custom sized case. The shipping took quite a bit longer than I expected since I only ordered the pillow, but now that I have it I am so happy I ordered! Excellent quality, and I am very interested in getting a shikibuton and tatami mat to further improve my sleep.

Janice M.
United States United States

Firm yet comfortable!

I love sobakawa pillows. These pillows are firm, provide a lot of support yet are very comfortable. I just wish that J-Life produced a wider and larger sobakawa pillow!

Linda H.
United States United States

Neck problems almost resolved!

I bought the neck and the sleeping pillows. I have had chronic neck issues that these pillows have corrected like a miracle! So thankful!

Edward V.
United States United States

Decent pillow, I feel it’s overpriced however

Been having neck problems, bought both buckwheat hull pillows since I wasn’t really clear if both were needed. The neck roll is small which is to be expected however the actual pillow is extremely small as well. And to be honest the quality of the pillow covers is not amazing either. I was expecting some sort of silk or something nicer than rough cotton. And lastly the stitching just isn’t quite to par as I would expect for this price with some stitching already coming undone with just over a week of use. That being said I gave it a 3 because it is comfortable, and it does seem to be helping my neck pains a bit. However I am pretty sure I could have gotten the same or better quality pillow for less than half a price. As a bonus however they do stuff the pillow with an excessive amount of buckwheat hulls (and they are very fresh, and cleaned very well). So I’ll probably just buy a higher quality pillow case from another company and stuff it with the buckwheat from j-life.

George A.
United States United States


The buckwheat hulls can be removed easily to find a more custom fit for your head and neck. The cotton is thick and constructed well.