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J-Life Shiruku Silk Ink Zabuton Floor Pillow - COVER ONLY

J-Life Shiruku Silk Ink Zabuton Floor Pillow - COVER ONLY


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Please note: Shiruku Silk Ink fabric is currently on backorder until the end of July 2024.

For thousands of years, variations of the zabuton pillow have existed in Japanese culture as a comfortable place for sitting, kneeling, and meditating. The J-Life Zabuton Floor Pillow (座布団) has brought that tradition into the modern era by combining authentic design with contemporary craftsmanship.

The Japanese zabuton cushion is designed for any seated activity, such as eating, studying, watching TV, meditating, and more.

Each of our Japanese sitting pillows is handmade by skilled craftsmen in the United States. Our custom covers are made-to-order from exquisite imported fabrics. Each zabuton cover features a side zipper that makes cleaning or swapping your cover quick and easy.

If you’d like to learn more about the Japanese floor pillow, please visit our blog: All About the Zabuton.

This zabuton floor cushion cover is made of luxurious 100% silk fabric in a rich black hue. Soft, durable, and washable, our silk fabrics are as comfortable as they are versatile.



  • Side zipper closure.

  • Washable silk pillow cover can be easily removed for machine washing. View our silk bedding care guide here.

  • Reversible with the same fabric on both sides.

  • Measures 21" x 22" x 6"


Please Note: This product does not include an insert. See our Zabuton Floor Pillow collection to browse floor pillows with inserts. A zabuton insert may also be purchased individually.

Please allow 5 - 7 days for us to custom make your zabuton or zabuton cover.

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