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J-Life Shiruku Silk Ink Buckwheat Hull Pillow - COVER ONLY

J-Life Shiruku Silk Ink Buckwheat Hull Pillow - COVER ONLY


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Pillow Sheath

Please note: Shiruku Silk Ink fabric is currently on backorder until the end of July 2024.

Customize the look and firmness of your J-Life Buckwheat Hull Pillow, or Soba Gara Makura, with our Japanese pillow covers and loose buckwheat hull (available by the pound).

Our handmade buckwheat pillow covers allow you to easily transfer the buckwheat pillow filling from an existing pillow cover into a different one, so you can refresh the look of your Japanese bedding, or replace a damaged/ worn pillowcase.

This Japanese bed pillow cover features features a all-natural silk fabric in a rich black hue. Our 100% silk pillowcases are durable, washable, and luxuriously soft.

Traditional Japanese Comfort

Faithful to Japanese tradition, your sobakawa pillow case is composed of:

  • An outer sheath that functions like a pillowcase and is available in Snow (white) silk, or in the same matching fabric as the outer case. In Japan, the color white is considered sacred and is associated with purity, humility, and cleanliness. It holds great significance in the Shinto religion.

  • An outer case made of 100% imported silk fabric.


    Our buckwheat pillows are available in two styles: the buckwheat neckroll pillow and the rectangular buckwheat pillow (each sold separately).

    Rectangular Buckwheat Pillow: 13" x 18"

    Buckwheat Neck Pillow: 3.5" x 15"

     Silk Pillow Benefits | J-Life

    Visit our blog to learn more about the benefits of Soba Gara Makura and to view our care guide.

    View our silk bedding care guide here.

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