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J-Life Black Ultra Sateen Buckwheat Hull Pillow - COVER ONLY

J-Life Black Ultra Sateen Buckwheat Hull Pillow - COVER ONLY

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Pillow Sheath

Customize the look and firmness of your J-Life Buckwheat Hull Pillow, or Soba Gara Makura, with our Japanese pillow covers and loose buckwheat hull (available by the pound).

Our handmade buckwheat pillow covers allow you to easily transfer the buckwheat pillow filling from an existing pillow cover into a different one, so you can refresh the look of your Japanese bedding, or replace a damaged/ worn pillowcase.

This buckwheat pillow cover features sleek, solid black fabric with a slight sheen.

Traditional Japanese Comfort

Faithful to Japanese tradition, your sobakawa pillow case is composed of:

  • An outer sheath that functions like a pillowcase and is available in White Ultra Sateen or in the same matching fabric as the outer case. In Japan, the color white is considered sacred and is associated with purity, humility, and cleanliness. It holds great significance in the Shinto religion.

  • An outer case made with 100% cotton imported traditional Japanese fabric.


Our buckwheat pillows are available in two styles: the buckwheat neckroll pillow and the rectangular buckwheat pillow (each sold separately).

Rectangular Buckwheat Pillow: 13" x 18"

Buckwheat Neck Pillow: 3.5" x 15"

Visit our blog to learn more about the benefits of Soba Gara Makura and to view our care guide.

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Douglas E.
United States United States

Hole appeared in the first week of use, needs additional pillowcase

The thread broke and a hole appeared that I had to sew up within first week of use, just using it normally (to rest my head on at night for sleeping, no other use). Not sure how the thread broke, but I would recommend avoiding putting too much force on the pillow (the buckwheat hulls don't compress much and I suspect somehow force on the pillow might be what caused the thread to break). I also recommend putting the pillow in a "normal" pillowcase, as the outer cover that comes with the pillow doesn't cover the full length, and drool and other stains will end up on the inner case, requiring you to empty the pillow fully to wash the case, an inconvenience that can be avoided by keeping the pillow inside another pillowcase and simply then washing that pillowcase as needed. Buckwheat hull pillows can be really useful for maintaining structure and support while you sleep, and being able to remove or add hulls helps adjust the pillow to your specific needs. They are also much cooler to sleep on than pillows made out of foam or other insulating materials, and much cleaner (you can empty the hulls from the pillow and put them in the sun and wash the case - something that can't be said of normal pillows). For those reasons I highly recommend buckwheat pillows, and this pillow seems good enough - I especially like that it isn't large, as I have found smaller buckwheat hull pillows are better - easier to adjust where the hulls are and maintain the valleys and peaks.

Logan H.
United States United States

One of the Better Pillows

Pillow is amazing and high quality aside from a few setbacks. The support given is immense but because it is so firm, it is nearly impossible to use when laying on the stomach, and can hurt your ears if on the side. Further, it is not very versatile in the sense that you can't put it anywhere else for your body except your head. Finally the case covers maybe 90% of the pillow, so a little spot staining from drool can happen on the sides. Otherwise, very nice smelling, feeling, and firm pillow that offers a lot of head support in the correct position. It's also very pleasant to look at (if it isn't drooled on).

Brenna R.
United States United States

So Much Support

This pillow is very supportive, and after a couple months of using it in combination with the rest of the J-Life bedding system, I have seen a marked improvement in neck and back pain when getting out of bed in the morning. I had to take about 1/3 of the contents out to make it more comfortable to sleep on. The natural woody smell of the buckwheat is really pleasant.

Lauren K.
United States United States

Versatile might pillow!

I have the rectangle pillow and I am surprised by how versatile it turned out to be. I’ve never had a buckwheat hull pillow before so I read up on it first. I took a hot bath before I used it for the first time and since I already know I like thin pillows, I took a considerable amount of buckwheat hulls out. This is recommended to adjust to your preference. After the bath I just sank into the pillow and let myself rest for a few minutes. It was wonderful and gave me a chance to adjust the amount of hulls. Sleeping on this pillow means no tossing and turning for me. I have used this pillow to compliment yoga poses, also my acupressure mat, and to support my lower back when I’m in my office chair. I got used to the sound of the hulls, they are a nice reminder that it’s organic material in my home and not more foam full of chemicals. I’m sensitive to chemical smells and found no issues using this pillow.

Ebeth C.
United States United States


I love these. J-life makes the comfiest bedding for the minimalist :)