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Garden Frog Meditation Statue

Garden Frog Meditation Statue

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In Japan, frogs are viewed as symbols of good fortune and fertility thanks to the fascinating and complex transformations they go through in their life cycle from egg to tadpole to frog, and the abundance of young they produce in that time.

Our peaceful little frog hopes to find a home near your pond or Zen garden so he may meditate on bringing you luck and success.

The hanzi (Chinese character) engraved on the back of the statue means "Prosperity."

Also available in this collection are the meditating cat, dog, and turtle statues!


  • Large Frog is 7" w x 7" d x 8" h and weighs approximately 15 lbs.
  • Small Frog is 4 1/2" w x 4 3/4" d x 5 1/2" h and weighs approximately 6 lbs.

Material: Made of durable bonded concrete to survive the seasons.

Choose from 2 colorways: Grey or Tan.


Handmade in the USA.

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