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Eiju Incense Rolls

Eiju Incense Rolls

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"Eiju" translates from Japanese to mean "long life" or "longevity". These elegantly scented incenses seek to promote your eiju by asking you to sit, relax, and reflect. By pausing and releasing our stress, worry, and frustrations, we find the key to living a happier and more fulfilling life.


A classic aloeswood scent, carefully crafted using raw ingredients.

Premium Aloeswood

A deluxe aloeswood fragrance created using only the finest of materials and made in small batches to create a fragrance that is both mystical and captivating.


A strong, warm, and smooth take on the classic woody fragrance of sandalwood.


  • Available as sample or 10 roll box.

  • Approximately 30 minute burn time.

  • 5.5" long

Never run out of your favorite Eiju Incense with our 10 roll box option, or order just one roll with our sample size if you're new to this product.

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