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DIY Mini Japanese Zen Garden Kit

DIY Mini Japanese Zen Garden Kit

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Relax and de-stress throughout the day with this DIY Mini Japanese Zen Garden Kit, perfect for your workspace, home office, college dorm room, or as a thoughtful gift! Practice the meditative bliss of creating sand art with this desktop Japanese garden as you watch the greenery sprout to life.

What's included:

  • 2x packets of seeds
  • 2x coir discs
  • 1x packet of sand
  • 3x Zen garden stones
  • 1x Zen garden planter
  • 1x garden rake
  • 1x drip tray
  • Instruction card

Additional mini rakes (sold separately) can be used to make your sand art even more interesting and enjoyable.

About Zen Gardens

The Japanese Zen Garden (枯山水; karesansui) was created in the 11th century by Zen Buddhist monks as a place of refuge and meditation amongst nature's tranquility while still within the confines of their monasteries. Usually walled in like a courtyard, these gardens were kept free from distractions and interruptions from the outside world, allowing the monks to contemplate the teachings of Buddha and the nature in total peace.

Visit our blog to learn more about Japanese sand gardens: "The Modern Day Zen Garden"


Tray size: 8" L x 6.5" W x 2.5" D

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