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J-Life Kakefuton Usagi Pink Custom COVER ONLY

J-Life Kakefuton Usagi Pink Custom COVER ONLY


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Kakefutons Custom Covers Machine Washable!

Why cover your kakefuton with a white cover when you can have one in a stunning Japanese traditional geometric or elaborate cotton sateen design?

  • Includes a custom kakefuton cover with zipper closure
  • Kakefuton cover is machine washable
  • Ships in 5-7 business days as the cover is made to order
  • Available in six sizes; twin 59" x 80", full 76" x 84", queen 86" x 92", J-Life single 71"x 87", J-Life double 79" x 91", and J-Life king 90" x 104"
  • Available with a 3" white border or without
  • White 100% cotton sateen fabric is on the reverse side
  • Made from Japanese imported fabric directly in the USA
  • Does not include the kakefuton silk insert

Order in either the contemporary style without border or the traditional style bordered in white cotton sateen.

Our kakefuton covers also double as duvet covers so you can use your favorite comforter or quilt inside instead of a kake futon. These 100% Japanese cotton covers are backed with a luxurious white cotton sateen fabric.

Our kakefuton and duvet covers are available in six sizes: Twin (59" x 80"), Full (76" x 84"), Queen (86" x 92" - fits J-Life Queen Kakefuton), Single (71" x 87" - fits J-Life Single Kakefuton), Double (86" x 92" - fits J-Life Double Kakefuton), and King (90" x 104" - fits J-Life King Kakefuton).

These kakefuton covers are made to order in your choice of our 100% cotton fabrics imported from Japan.

Please allow 5-7 days for shipment.

Kakefuton silk insert is not included with this item but can be found as an add-on here.

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