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Complete Shikifuton Tatami Mat Bundle - Black Ultra Sateen

Complete Shikifuton Tatami Mat Bundle - Black Ultra Sateen


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Kakefuton Duvet
Silk Sleeping Pillow

Traditional Japanese Shikifuton & Tatami Mat Bedding Set

By bundling the different parts of our Japanese Sleep System, you can easily create your new bed and save!

Bundle & Save!

  • Save 5% when you bundle a Shikifuton w/ cover & Tatami Mat.

  • Save 10% when you bundle Shikifuton w/ cover, Tatami Mat, & 1-2 Silk Sleeping Pillows with cases.

  • Save 10% when you bundle Shikifuton w/ cover, Tatami Mat, & Kakefuton w/ cover.

  • Save 15% when you bundle the entire Japanese bedding set: Shikifuton w/ cover, Tatami Mat, 1-2 Silk Sleeping Pillows with cases, & Kakefuton w/ cover.

This complete bedding bundle is the best deal for someone who would like to easily and affordably build their entire traditional Japanese futon set - all with one simple order.

Choose from 10 of our traditional Japanese fabrics to be handmade into covers for your bundle. Shikifuton cover, kakefuton cover, and pillowcases will all be made with the same fabric. Available in Cot, Twin, TwinXL, Full, or Queen size.

This Japanese bedding set features a silky, solid black fabric with a slight sheen.


Bundle Includes

Bedding items:



Additional Shikifuton CoversKakebuton CoversJapanese Pillowcases, and Shikifuton Mattress Protector sold separately.


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 Note: Items will ship in separate packages and may have different delivery dates.

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