Lookbook: Spring Bedding Bundles

Lookbook: Spring Bedding Bundles

In the Northern Hemisphere, or the “top” half of the planet, each of the 4 seasons creates distinct changes in weather, and environment throughout the year. For many living in these parts of the world, the word “spring” brings to mind warmer days, the melting of snow, the emergence of animals and insects, and, most notably, the return of foliage and flowers.

Not unlike the US, spring in Japan is largely characterized by the blooming of plentiful colorful flowers all across the country. Each year, thousands of Japanese citizens and tourists embrace the stunning scenery and excitement of spring’s arrival by attending spring festivals (matsuri; 祭) and visiting the many public parks found across Japan. Many will engage in hanami (花見): the Japanese tradition of “flower watching”, specifically of cherry blossom (sakura; 桜) trees.

In honor of the beautiful spring flowers of Japan, we've created 2 unique Japanese bedding sets that combine the beauty of the season with the comfort of authentic Japanese bedding.

Each custom bedding bundle includes a Japanese futon mattress, kakefuton comforter, Japanese sleeping pillows, and colorful covers that are handcrafted from various imported 100% cotton Japanese fabrics.

Sakura Pink Bedding Bundle

Custom Bedding Bundle: Pink & White

Japanese cherry blossoms (sakura; 桜) are one of the most recognizable elements of springtime in Japan. They are synonymous with the changing seasons, painting the streets of Japanese cities with their beautifully delicate pink petals each year.

A typical Japanese cherry blossom tree can reach heights of 20 ft. and live as long as 50 years. Their beloved annual blooms are short lived, only lasting about 1-2 weeks in early spring.

The sakura blossom is not just a flower though; it is a prominent element in Japanese culture, appearing all throughout Japanese media, mythology, history, art, and everyday life. (A sakura blossom is even featured on the 100 yen coin!) The lifecycle of the cherry blossom tree is a symbol of life, death, renewal, and rebirth, with their fleeting blooms representing the passage of another year of life for all who are fortunate enough to gaze upon them.

There are hundreds of parks across Japan that are considered the best places to see cherry blossoms, such as the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, a sprawling and verdant park located within the bustling heart of Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward.

The Pink Custom Japanese Bedding Bundle is inspired not just by the appearance of the sakura, but also by the cultural significance these little flowers hold that is so deeply ingrained into Japanese society. This bed set features a blend of pink hues with accents of blue and gold in a mixture of traditional Japanese fabric patterns.

Wisteria Purple Bedding Bundle

Custom Bedding Bundle: Purple

Wisteria is known as fuji (藤) in Japanese - not to be confused with the famous Mt. Fuji. This breathtaking purple flower grows on long vines that produce many dense blooms. One feature that makes Japanese wisteria (Wisteria floribunda) trees so prized is how awe-inspiringly large they can grow - up to 30 feet tall and twice that in width. These massive flowering trees can also live as long as 50 years or longer with proper care and climate.

In Japan, wisteria symbolizes love, humility, and resilience. Imagery of these lovely purple flowering trees are the subject of Japanese folk art, fine fabrics, festivals, family crests, and more.

Japanese flower parks are popular places to take in the beauty of wisteria and other flowers come mid spring, such as the famous Ashikaga Flower Park, located about an hour’s drive from Tokyo. This 23-acre park is famously home to the 100-year-old Ashikaga wisteria tree, whose canopy of sprawling branches creates a picturesque landscape that would be at home in a fairytale.

Our Purple Custom Japanese Bedding Bundle draws inspiration from the beauty and grace of the wisteria tree. It features a blend of purple hues with accents of white and gold in an assortment of traditional Japanese fabric patterns.


Please visit our blog, “The History of 7 Common Traditional Japanese Fabric Patterns”, to learn about some of the patterns featured on our fabrics.

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