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Bedding Bundle: Pink & White

Bedding Bundle: Pink & White


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Buckwheat Neckroll Pillow

Save 15% when you bundle your bedding

The Custom Bedding Bundle makes it easy to build your new bed - and at a discount. Simply select which size shikifuton you want, and you’re done!

Here at J-Life, we offer our bedding covers and pillowcases in nearly 100 unique fabrics, which means that there are thousands of potential combinations (literally - we did the math!) for your custom Japanese bedding. That’s a lot of options!

For our new line of Custom Bedding Bundles, we did the difficult decision making for you. Each of these bundles compiles elements of our signature Japanese bedding collection into a single cohesive and convenient product that'll have you "sleeping like Japan" in just a few clicks.

Pink & White

This futon bundle features various items from our line of authentic Japanese bedding in some of our best-selling patterns and colors: Seika Ha, Shippo, Taidai, and Cherry Blossom.

Cherry Blossom (sakura; 桜) features an elegant white and pink Japanese cherry blossom print. These famous little flowers represent renewal and the cycle of life in Japanese culture.

Shippo & Taidai are both decorated with different interpretations of the traditional Japanese shippo pattern. The simple geometric design represents harmony & unity.

Seika Ha (青海波) is one of the most famous of Japanese fabric patterns. It originated as a symbol for water in ancient maps, but has become an iconic pattern in designs throughout Japanese culture, including, art, clothing, and more.

Check out the 2024 Spring Lookbook to learn more about the inspiration behind this Japanese bedding bundle.

What's Included:

1x 4" thick J-Life All-Natural Japanese Futon with removable cover in Colorful Seika Ha Pink (your choice of 5 sizes)

1x J-Life Silk Kakefuton duvet with removable cover in Colorful Seika Ha Pink (in corresponding size to match futon)

1x Silk Sleeping Pillow with Shippo Gold Sparkle pillowcase

1x Rectangular Buckwheat Pillow in Taidai Pink with matching sheath

1x (Optional) Neckroll Buckwheat Pillow in Cherry Blossom Blue with matching sheath

J-Life Japanese Mattress Sizes

Tip: Placing your Japanese futon bed on top of a tatami mat helps to add additional comfort and support. Learn more about the tradition of tatami mat and futons on our blog.


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