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Tamanohada Sea Bream Soap

Tamanohada Sea Bream Soap

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Tamanohada Soap Co. is a Japanese company that has been making unique and high quality bath products since its start in 1892.

The wooden mold used to craft these detailed soaps is similar to those used in the process of making Rakugan- a type of Japanese confection made with bright colors and molded into charming shapes. With its attached string for hanging, this fun fish-shaped soap doubles as a nautical-themed decoration for your bathroom!

The soap itself is made with fine ingredients and ultra gentle, featuring a rich, milky lather. It is suitable for use on the body, face, or hands and will cleanse and moisturize without drying- all while leaving behind a fresh scent in your bathroom and on your skin.

Why the Sea Bream?

This unique soap is made in the shape of the Japanese sea bream, also known as the Japanese tai fish (鲷). This species of fish is popular in Japan not just for its reputation as an excellent sushi fish, but because of its symbolic meaning as well.

As a nation that relies heavily on the ocean for a multitude of vital resources, certain aquatic creatures such as the madai (another Japanese name for the sea bream), have become symbols of this appreciation of the sea and its many bounties. For example, the koi fish- although not a popular choice for consumption- is another iconic Japanese fish that has taken on an auspicious meaning larger than itself.

The red sea bream is seen as a symbol of good luck and fortune, making it a common image, gift, and food option found at celebrations such as New Year's, weddings, and other events.


  • 3 scents to choose from: Lily, Muscovado, and Pomegranate

  • Made with plant-based materials, pure essential oils, natural linen rope

  • Measures approximately 7" tall x 4" wide. Rope is 6" long.

  • 10.9 oz

  • "Soap on a rope" designs allows for easy display and storage.

Made In Japan.

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