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Porcelain Pagoda Statue

Porcelain Pagoda Statue


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Pagodas are a recognizable and sacred element in traditional Japanese architecture. They are found on the grounds of Buddhist temples across Japan and much of Eastern Asia. These recognizable towers are designed with large curved roofs that extend off of each story, and the structure sometimes tapers from the ground up. Pagodas usually have between 1 and 5 stories, each of which represents earth, water, fire, wind, and heaven.

This decorative Porcelain Pagoda Statue features a lofty 7 stories, which is much taller than most pagodas that exist today. The exaggerated height of this piece is a nod to the beauty and grandeur of these traditional temple structures. This unique sculpture adds a tasteful bit of Japanese culture to any Japanese style room.


Size:  4.75" W x 4.75" D x 15" H

Material: Blanc de Chine (Dehua porcelain)

Comes in a beautifully printed gift box.

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