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Porcelain Diffuser Stone

Porcelain Diffuser Stone

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Experience pure fragrance without any of the smoke and ash of incense with the Porcelain Diffuser Stone.

This diffuser stone allows for constant, unobtrusive fragrance to fill your home without the need for fire or electricity. The porous nature of the fine, uncoated porcelain used to craft these aroma stones allows essential oils to slowly seep into the surface, collecting the oil for a fragrance experience that is simple, natural, and relaxing. Simply place a few drops of your favorite Japanese diffuser oil on the aroma stone and sit back as its soft scent naturally fills the air. Refresh as desired.

When using stone oil diffusers, it is suggested to only use one scent of oil per stone to maintain the purity of the fragrance.

The design and manufacturing of this fine pottery piece is inspired by Japanese Arita porcelain and follows centuries of Japanese porcelain tradition.


Many cultures view the egg (tamago; 卵) as a symbol of fertility and birth, but Japan takes this a step further by also associating the egg with the hope and purity that comes with new life. Japanese mythology repeatedly features the egg motif, such as in the story of the earth's creation. In this myth, the universe was an egg-shaped, chaotic mass of particles until it was gradually shaped into the earth and heavens by multiple deities.


Kikusumi is a charcoal that comes from the chrysanthemum tree. Since the 14th century, the wood from these trees has been burnt as an incense offering during the sacred Japanese tea ceremony. The wood is cross-cut from the tree into a cylindrical shape and burnt whole, providing the inspiration for the shape of this aroma stone. The pure white color of the porcelain is inspired by the beautiful white ash that the wood leaves behind after burning.

Product Details

  • Kikusumi size: 3.75" x 2.45" x 3.42"
  • Tamago size: 3.75" x 2.45" x 3.42"
  • Made of solid Japanese porcelain.
  • Designed for use with essential/ diffuser oils.
  • Pictured oil: Yohaku Aromatherapy Oil
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