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Organic Japanese Ocha (Tea)

Organic Japanese Ocha (Tea)

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There is no tea like authentic Japanese tea! We are pleased to share Happa Stand's organic Japanese Ocha with the J-Life community. Available in three delicious varieties. Each is organic, farmed in Japan, and arrives in a traditional tin which keeps the leaves dry and cool.

Ocha Sencha: An organic green tea. Contains 100 grams. Taste level - Aroma 3 / Bitter: 3 / Sweet: 3

Ocha Gemmaicha: An organic green tea with brown rice. Contains 100 grams. Taste level - Aroma 4 / Bitter: 2 / Sweet: 3

Ocha Kona Houjicha: An organic roasted green tea powder, similar to matcha. Contains 100 grams.

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