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Miniature Zen Garden Moss

Miniature Zen Garden Moss

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A beautifully packaged, vibrantly green portion of all-natural freeze-dried live moss grown at Mt. Fuji's base and shipped to us directly from Japan. Display it on its own, or customize one of our Miniature Zen Garden Kits with it.

In this modern era of house plant obsession, this modest little plant is often overlooked in favor of flashy, leafy, or flowering plants. But moss is truly a wonder-plant, and one that has a long list of benefits in your home:

  • Low maintenance: Does not require ANY watering and only minimal sunlight.
  • Extremely effective at controlling air pollution- more so than most plants!
  • Small size: Apartment, dorm, and desk friendly as it only takes up the space of its little box.
  • Not toxic to pets.
  • No messy roots, soil, or potting process. Just leave it in its box as is, or break it up and add it to one of our Zen garden desk kits (sold separately).
  • Makes a wonderful and unique gift for the plant lover in your life.

Measures approximately 6" L x 4" W x 1" H.

Note: Do not water moss or keep in direct sunlight.

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