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shikifuton Japanese futon
shikifuton Japanese futon
shikifuton Japanese futon
shikifuton Japanese futon
shikifuton Japanese futon

J-Life All-Natural Japanese Futon

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Years ago, we decided to offer Americans a true Japanese style mattress - one constructed of quality materials, without foam or innersprings, - pure and simple. So, we deconstructed Japanese shikibutons, talked to shikibuton master craftsmen in Japan and developed the design of the J-Life Shikifuton.

True to Japanese custom, our futon is made from pure cotton. The J-Life Shikifuton has no wool, foam or innersprings.

The cover is also 100% unbleached cotton duck.  The fill is also made from 100% cotton for comfort and natural air-flow.   In addition this authentic Japanese futon meets US fire retardant standards by using a natural boron material (more about "boron" below).

The futon features 'knife' edges that make it lay flatter and fold more easily. Fold our futon into thirds for storage.

The J-Life Shikifuton is available in two thicknesses, a four inch and a more traditional 3 inch. (In Japan, new shikibuton are about 3 inches thick. Our more popular 4 inch futon is made to accommodate the larger frames of American sleepers.)

Comfort level is firm.

Ships within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays)

The J-Life Shikifuton is also available with a custom removable cover made of 100% cotton fabrics imported from Japan.


J-Life Shikifutons are sized to fit American bed frames. Please note that Japanese style shikifutons are not meant for American futon frames. They require a flat solid surface such as a platform bed or tatami or floor.                


Cot 3" Cot 4" Twin 3" Twin 4" Twin XL 3" Twin XL 4" Full 3" Full 4" Queen 3" Queen 4"
 22 lbs 28 lbs 30 lbs 36 lbs 33 lbs 39 lbs 40 lbs 46 lbs 49 lbs 55 lbs

King size futons are made by placing two Twin XL futons side by side.  


 Corresponding Tatami Mat sizes for each Shikifuton

These are our recommendations for the best fitting Tatami Mat for each Shikifuton. Please check measurements with your space and your futon selection to ensure that these are a good fit for you. Some combinations may be a Tatami Mat that is slightly larger or slightly smaller than the Shikifuton.

Cot Shikifuton: Folding Tatami Mat, Euro Full Tatami Mat (single mat), or Queen Tatami Mat (single mat)

Twin Shikifuton: Standard Tatami Mat, Folding Tatami Mat, or European Full Tatami Mat (two mats)

TwinXL Shikifuton: Folding Tatami Mat, or Queen Tatami Mat (two mats)

Full Shikifuton: Folding Tatami Mat (two mats), or European Full Tatami Mat (two mats)

Queen Shikifuton: Queen Tatami Mat (two mats)





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