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J-Life Shikifuton with Tombo Blue #2 Removable Cover

J-Life Shikifuton with Tombo Blue #2 Removable Cover

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Like sleeping in Japan!

Made to painstaking traditional Japanese specifications by an American manufacturer, the J-Life Shikifuton offers the ultimate comfort of a true shikibuton. This authentic Japanese futon comes with a beautiful removable cover in 100% cotton imported Japanese fabric, as pictured.


Years ago, we decided to offer Americans a true Japanese style mattress; one constructed of quality materials, without foam or innersprings - pure and simple. So, we deconstructed Japanese shikibutons, worked with master shikifuton craftsmen in Japan, and developed the design of the J-Life Shikifuton. Now, over 20 years later, the J-Life shikifuton is a trusted choice for those looking for a reliable, authentic Japanese style sleep experience.

All-Natural Materials

True to Japanese custom, our futon is composed of a pure, 100% unbleached cotton duck cover, filled with 100% American-grown cotton. The J-Life Shikifuton has no wool, foam or innersprings. In accordance with US fire retardant standards, our shikifuton mattress uses naturally-derived boron as a fire retardant.

The custom zippered removable cover is designed to snugly fit our Japanese mattress. Each custom removable cover is handmade of high-quality, 100% cotton fabric imported directly from Japan that features traditional Japanese patterns.

This futon cover features a white and red dragonfly pattern on Turkish blue fabric.

Futon Firmness

The J-Life Shikifuton is available in two thicknesses: a popular 4-inch option and a more traditional 3-inch. Firm sleep surfaces, like that of a Japanese style floor mattress, help to improve sleep posture, resulting in rewarding sleep and pain-free mornings. Comfort level is firm.

Scale showing firmness of shikifuton mattress: on a scale of 1 (soft) to 10 (firm) a 4" shikifuton is a 6 and a 3" shikifuton is an 8

J-Life Futons & Tatami Mats

Traditionally, a Japanese futon mattress is intended for use on a flat solid surface, such as a tatami mat, floor, or platform bed. While J-Life Shikifutons are sized to fit American bed frames, please note that they are not meant for American style futon frames. Pair your shikifuton with a Japanese tatami mat to ensure proper air circulation and to provide added comfort.

Use our guide below to find the coordinating tatami mat size for your shikifuton:

J-Life Tatami and Shikibuton Sizing | Shikifuton and tatami mat size guide/ chart

*King size futons are made by placing two Twin XL futons side-by-side.

J-Life Japanese Mattress Sizes

The J-Life Shikibuton mattress can also be ordered without a custom removable cover. We also offer a Shikifuton Protective Cover for extra protection against dirt and moisture.

Visit the J-Life Blog to find our Shikifuton Care Guide, FAQs, and more product resources.

Please allow 5 to 7 days for production before shipping (excluding weekends and holidays).

Please Note: Due to compression caused by the packing and shipping process, futons may be smaller than their actual size upon delivery. Please allow your shikifuton at least 1-2 weeks to expand to its actual size.

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Jennifer L.
United States United States

Smells beautiful, sleeps great

Sleeping on a futon is an interesting experience. I thought I would take the plunge and see if I enjoyed it and it turns out that I've never slept better. It does require some flipping about and moving of the internal fluff via kicking/punching the futon so it doesn't develop a hole where your butt sits, but it's wonderful. And it smells so clean, fresh, and cottony, the way that a "fresh linen" scent SHOULD smell.

Elisabeth R.
United States United States

Great futon

I've been sleeping on this for about 4 months now, and so far it's great! It's very comfortable to sleep on, is easy to fold up so it doesn't take up too much space in our tiny apartment, and the cover is gorgeous! My one complaint is that the fabric of the cover is fairly thin and flimsy. It's already got a small tear—probably from our cats' claws, but they've never torn any other sheets or blankets that I've owned.

Anik F.
Canada Canada

Great color!

It took time for it to ship over to Canada. But I am really happy with the overall quality of it.

Dani L.
United States United States

Goodbye back pain!

I was convinced nothing could cure my chronic back pain that’s plagued me since I was a teenager. My first night on the futon was kind of torturous and I regretted not getting the thicker futon mattress. By night 4 I was sleeping through the night, by night 7 I was feeling more refreshed than I’d ever been, and by night 10 I realized I had no more back pain! I’m never going back! I do wish I’d waited and gotten a slightly bigger futon, if only because my cat is having a hard time fitting onto the cot size with me (I’m 5’6, 170lbs for reference)