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Bonsai Tree Snow Globe

Bonsai Tree Snow Globe

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Enjoy the beauty of a Japanese bonsai tree in your home with none of the hassle of caring for a real one.

Relax while you take in the peaceful sight of sparkling "snow" as it gently swirls and falls around the lone bonsai. It stands, tall and humble, atop its weathered stone perch by the undulating ocean tide as a symbol of longevity and harmony with nature.

The bonsai tree (盆栽) has long been interwoven with Zen Buddhism. It is believed that this art form was derived from Chinese "penjing" (or penzai): the art of creating miniature landscape scenes. During the medieval era, Buddhist monks brought this skill back to Japan with them and eventually the bonsai we know today came to be.

Learn more about bonsai trees in our blog post.

Bonsai Tree Snow Globe specifications

Caring for your snow globe

Keep out of direct sunlight. The glass can have a magnifying effect on sunlight which may present a fire hazard. Direct sunlight may also cause discoloration of the snow globe water. Dust with a soft cloth, and clean with a gentle glass cleaner if necessary.

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