About the Feng Shui Cat

Maneki Neko means ‘Beckoning Cat’ in Japanese. Yes, these cats often used in Chinese Feng Shui, originated in Japan. 

Feng Shui creates an energy that allows you to be harmonious with your surroundings. Different colors invite in different energies, and thus, when placing a specific color Feng Shui cat in your space, it would amplify these areas in your life.

  • Calico: Calico is the traditional color of a Feng Shui cat. Many believe that calico cats are he luckiest color to attract wealth and prosperity.
  • Black: A black Feng Shui Cat wards off evil spirits and creates a safe space. It is also said to protect you from stalkers.
  • Blue: A blue Feng Shui Cat assists with career growth, wisdom, and success. They promote intelligence and academic achievement.

Place a blue or black cat in the north for prosperity and in the east for protection and good health. These cats increase savings and investments when placed in the southeast. Situate a blue or black cat in the southwest to protect the woman of the house is protected and activate wealth.

  • Green: Green Feng Shui Cats assist with academic studies and education. It brings luck and good health. In the southeast, it creates wealth while it increases your fame and success when placed in the south.
  • Grey: A Grey Feng Shui Cat brings authentic and helpful people into your life. They also assist in creating safe and enjoyable travel experiences.
  • Purple: Purple Feng Shui Cats attracts opportunities and prosperity.
  • White: White Feng Shui Cats attracts positivity and positive things into your life. They represent purity and happiness. A white cat placed in the north attracts income and opportunities. Set in the west, it benefits children and creativity, and in the northwest, it brings helpful people and travel opportunities.
  • Gold: A golden Feng Shui Cat attracts good fortune and money. Placed in the west, Golden cats benefit children and creativity. In the northwest, it aids the man of the house (or breadwinner) and brings networking options. In the north, a golden cat attracts increases in income.
  • Pink: Pink Feng Shui Cats invites romance and good luck in relationships into your life.
  • Red: Red Feng Shui Cats are used to ward off evil and sickness, especially in children. It also brings good fortune in love, marriage, and personal matters.

Pink and red Feng Shui cats are especially helpful for success and fame when placed in the south corner. In the southwest, they are beneficial for greater happiness in relationships.

  •  Yellow: Yellow Feng Shui Cats represent good health and stability. They also enhance happiness in a marriage.
  • Orange: Orange Feng Shui Cats bring good fortune and protection for frequent travelers. 

The color of a Feng Shui cat can affect the energy of a space depending on the cat’s color and where it is placed. You can increase this energy significantly by selecting a cat and color that resonates strongly with you.