Collection: Shikifutons and Covers

 Like Sleeping in Japan!

For centuries the Japanese have slept on shikifutons: a bedding set comprised of a plush, structureless mattress known as a shikibuton (敷き布団) and a kakefuton (掛け布団), a blanket that is akin to Western duvets. This simple setup is traditionally laid on a tatami mat on the floor.


This style of bedding serves much of the same purpose today as it did at the time of its conception: to save space and to attain healthier sleep. Many people who switch from their traditional Western mattress and box spring set to a shikibuton mattress find they experience deeper sleep and pain-free mornings within just a few nights, after a short adjustment period.


The shikifuton is also designed to be rolled up and stored during the day when not in use, making it the perfect bedding choice for small and multi-purpose living quarters. Additionally, by having your bed completely out of sight and out of mind except when you are trying to sleep, your mind will only associate that mattress with sleep, helping you drift off quicker and easier come bed time.


Made to painstaking traditional Japanese specifications by an American manufacturer, the J-Life Shikifuton offers the ultimate comfort of an authentic shikibuton. Available in a super firm 3" thickness and 4" plush thickness. Select from cot, twin, twin extra-long, full, and queen sizes. We also offer made-to-order Japanese shikifuton covers crafted from traditional fabrics imported directly from Japan. 


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