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Kōdō 香道, "Way of Fragrance"

Kōdō 香道, "Way of Fragrance"
Incense was first introduced to Japan through the spread of Buddhism.  After it’s initial arrival, incense culture in Japan quickly flourished.  It...

Japanese vs. Western Sleep Style

Japanese vs. Western Sleep Styles I J-Life International
The Japanese have a very different approach to architecture and interior design in comparison to the West.  Due to the prominence of earthquakes, J...

Incense in Japan

Incense in Japan I J-Life International
Incense is an important aspect of Japanese culture going back hundreds of years.  Japan was introduced to incense through the use of it in Buddhist...

History of Sushi

History of Sushi
Sushi is a favorite dish well known around the world.  Today you can find a wide variety of sushi from different kinds of fish to vegetarian, simpl...

Hanami 花見

Hanami 花見
Hanami is the act of viewing the Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) and is a common cultural event in Japan.  The word Hanami is a combination of the Kanji w...

Golden Week

Golden Week I J-Life International
Golden Week is the name given to the week in Spring that houses four of the fifteen Japanese national holidays.  The week begins with Showa Day fol...

A Brief History of Bento Boxes

History of Bento Boxes I J-Life International
The earliest records of Bento Boxes date back to the 5th century.  Many people were out all day hunting, fishing, or farming.  The Bento Box was or...

Chopsticks in Japan

Chopsticks in Japan I J-Life International
Chopsticks have been used since 1200 BC.  The first recorded sets are found in China and are made of bronze.  They were primarily used to reach int...

Five Reasons We Should All Be Drinking Matcha

Five Reasons We Should All Be Drinking Matcha I J-Life International
In the past couple of years matcha has grown exponentially in popularity.  These days you can hear or read about matcha everywhere.  From the super...

Build Your Bed - What Makes up the Japanese Sleep System?

Build Your Bed I J-Life International
If you are looking to create the full Japanese sleep system in your home, but are unsure of where to start or what makes up the whole system, we are here to help. At J-Life International we offer everything you need to create a sleep system that will serve all of your needs and will be a beautiful addition to your home. 

History of Japanese Textiles

History of Japanese Textiles I J-Life International
Japan has a rich history with textiles.  The first fabrics were made by the original inhabitants of Japan (Jōmon Culture) who wove cloth from plant...

Vernal Equinox Day 春分の日

Vernal Equinox Day I J-Life International
The Vernal Equinox, Shunbun no Hi, is a celebration of the March equinox which astrologically marks the beginning of Spring.  On this day the day a...