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Chopsticks in Japan

Chopsticks in Japan I J-Life International
Chopsticks have been used since 1200 BC.  The first recorded sets are found in China and are made of bronze.  They were primarily used to reach int...

Five Reasons We Should All Be Drinking Matcha

Five Reasons We Should All Be Drinking Matcha I J-Life International
In the past couple of years matcha has grown exponentially in popularity.  These days you can hear or read about matcha everywhere.  From the super...

Build Your Bed - What Makes up the Japanese Sleep System?

Build Your Bed I J-Life International
If you are looking to create the full Japanese sleep system in your home, but are unsure of where to start or what makes up the whole system, we are here to help. At J-Life International we offer everything you need to create a sleep system that will serve all of your needs and will be a beautiful addition to your home. 

History of Japanese Textiles

History of Japanese Textiles I J-Life International
Japan has a rich history with textiles.  The first fabrics were made by the original inhabitants of Japan (Jōmon Culture) who wove cloth from plant...

Vernal Equinox Day 春分の日

Vernal Equinox Day I J-Life International
The Vernal Equinox, Shunbun no Hi, is a celebration of the March equinox which astrologically marks the beginning of Spring.  On this day the day a...

About Shinto

About Shinto I J-Life International
Shinto is the indigenous faith of the Japanese people dating as far back to 1000 BCE.  Shinto is directly translated to “way of the gods” despite t...

Maneki Neko 招き猫 - The Fortune Cat

Maneki Neko I J-Life International I photo by:
Maneki Neko cats, also known as lucky cats, are a popular charm in Japanese culture.  It is a talisman that is believed to attract good luck and fo...

Benefits of Sleeping with Silk

Benefits of Sleeping with Silk I J-Life International
There are many health benefits to sleeping with silk.  Silk is naturally hypo-allergenic meaning that it is some of the best for asthmatics and all...

National Foundation Day

National Foundation Day I J-Life International
Japan’s National Foundation Day, Kenkoku Kinen no Hi, falls on February 11th every year.  It is the country’s day of national celebration and a pop...

Why Shikifutons Are Better

Why Shikifutons Are Better I J-Life International
There are many reasons why traditional Japanese shikifutons are better for us than western style mattresses.  One of the biggest reasons to choose ...

All About The Zabuton

All About The Zabuton
Zabutons are the traditional cushions used in Japanese culture.  Originally the zabuton was seen as a respectful symbol of power and was used to we...

The Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceremony I Jlife International
Drinking tea in Japan has a long and interesting history.  Tea was first introduced to Japan by China during the Heian Period.  In the 13th century...