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Bonsai Care Kit with Tools & Guidebook

Bonsai Care Kit with Tools & Guidebook


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Everything you need as a bonsai beginner - all in one convenient kit. Begin your bonsai art journey with confidence knowing you have all of the essentials needed to cultivate a flourishing, beautiful bonsai tree.

Each miniature tool in this bonsai tree care kit serves a unique purpose, specifically crafted for the precision and gentleness required when raising your mini tree. Our Bonsai Care Kit with Tools & Guidebook includes 9 pieces: 1 guidebook, 7 specially designed tools, and 1 convenient storage pouch.

The best-selling book Bonsai: 101 Essential Tips, written by a bonsai tree expert (Harry Tomlinson), features 72 full-color illustrated pages. This beginner bonsai guide contains everything you need to know about bonsai tree care, maintenance, design, and arrangement. These 101 straightforward tips provide expert insight into the world of bonsai, equipping you with the knowledge and confidence needed to grow your ideal tree.

Visit our blog "History of the Bonsai Tree" to learn more.

What's Included:

  • Bonsai: 101 Essential Tips, the best-selling bonsai guidebook

  • 1x Pruning shears to remove dead foliage and promote healthy growth

  • 1x Pruning scissors to cut twigs, smaller branches, leaves, & roots

  • 1x Tweezers to remove dead leaves, insects, weeds, and other fine debris

  • 1x Bamboo brush/ broom for sweeping & raking

  • 1x Mini bamboo rake to rake the surface of the soil

  • 2x Mini bamboo spades (1x long shape & 1x wide shape) - great for repotting!

  • 1x Storage pouch to conveniently store all of your bonsai tree tools in one place
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