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Lookbook: Japanese Bedding for Spring

The Vernal Equinox is long past us now, meaning spring is in full bloom. In Japanese culture, spring is an eventful and significant time of year. It is packed with holidays and celebrations, such as Golden Week, and activities like “flower watching” (hanami; 花見), where citizens gather in public spaces to view the freshly bloomed sakura (cherry blossom; 桜) and ume (plum blossom; 梅) trees. 

We’ve created 5 unique spring bedding looks inspired by different aspects of spring in Japan that you can use to furnish your own Japanese Sleep System for the season. Each design can be customized using your own existing J-Life bedding items, or you can mix and match elements from each look to better suit your personal style.

Please note: All shikifuton covers and kakefuton covers may be ordered individually as replacement/ additional covers or with a shikifuton or kakefuton.

Sakura Breeze

Inspired by delicate pink sakura blossoms (サクラ) dotted against a clear blue sky while softly swaying in a warm breeze, this look seeks to encapsulate all that is spring. A touch of gold from our Sakura Gold Sparkle fabric adds charm to this bedding setup while also referencing the association this color has with good fortune and newness.

In this look:

Spring Bedding Lookbook - Sakura Breeze | J-Life


Matsuri (祭) is the Japanese word for “festival”. Matsuris are frequent, meaningful events in Japanese culture; they are sacred celebrations intended to thank a variety of deities through dance, performance, song, ritual, and more. This bedding look combines numerous symbols found in Japanese culture that are all reflected in the greater concept of the matsuri.

In this look:

Spring Bedding Lookbook - Matsuri | J-Life

April Tide

This blue and white design is inspired by the ocean and numerous waterways that are sacred to Japan - both culturally and practically. The seigaiha wave pattern featured on the pillows is a traditional Japanese pattern that originated from ancient Chinese and Japanese cartography (map making), where it was used to symbolize bodies of water.

In this look:

Spring Bedding Lookbook - April Tide | J-Life

Zen Garden

The Japanese Zen garden (karesansui; 枯山水) is a place of solitude, refuge, and contemplation. Medieval era Japanese Buddhist monks created Japanese rock gardens within the walls of their monasteries to serve as secluded places for deep meditation - undisturbed by the happenings in the world around them. This bedding design is inspired by these gardens, utilizing fabrics that feature earthy tones and garden dwelling creatures.

In this look:

Spring Bedding Lookbook - Zen Garden | J-Life

Mt. Fuji Sunrise

As one of the most famous mountains in the world and the tallest in Japan, Mt. Fuji has permeated all aspects of Japanese culture, folklore, and history. It is sacred to the very identity of the nation, rising high above even the tallest Tokyo skyscrapers as an imposing reminder of the natural world. This look is inspired by the fiery shades of gold and orange that cut through the cobalt dawn as another day begins upon this ancient peak.

In this look:

Spring Bedding Lookbook - Mt. Fuji Sunrise | J-Life
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