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Build Your Bed - What Makes up the Japanese Sleep System?

Build Your Bed

If you are looking to create the full Japanese sleep system in your home, but are unsure of where to start or what makes up the whole system, we are here to help. At J-Life International, we offer everything you need to create a sleep system that will serve all of your needs and will be a beautiful addition to your home. 

Build Your Bed I J-Life International

  1. Tatami Mat
  2. Shikifuton
  3. Shikifuton Cover
  4. Kakefuton
  5. Kakefuton Cover
  6. Pillowcase
  7. Buckwheat Hull Rectangular Pillow and/or Neckroll

Tatami Mats

The very foundation of the Japanese sleep system is the Tatami Mat. A Tatami Mat is a firm rush grass mat designed to lay directly on the floor, creating a base for your Shikifuton that promotes air circulation. Learn more about tatami mats here, and be sure to follow our tatami mat and shikifuton size guide before ordering.

Goza Mat I J-Life International


A Shikifuton is a traditional Japanese mattress. Shikifutons do not contain any foam or springs, so they are able to be folded up and put away during the day. Our Shikifutons are manufactured to our specifications in the USA. Unsure which shikifuton mattress is best for you? Take a look at our our buying guide.

Shikifuton with no cover I J-Life International

Shikifuton Cover

Our Shikifuton covers are handmade in the USA using a variety of cotton fabrics imported from Japan. Shikifuton covers are washable and ensure that your Shikifuton stays clean, which is especially useful if you have your Shikifuton directly on the floor. The cover can be used as a bottom sheet, or can be covered by an additional bottom sheet to allow for less frequent washing. Shikifuton covers can be purchased with a Shikifuton, or purchased separately

Shikifuton with Cover I J-Life International


A Kakefuton is a Japanese comforter filled with luxurious hand pulled mulberry silk. Kakefutons are naturally hypo-allergenic and temperature regulating, so they keep you warm without overheating while you sleep.

Kakefuton with no cover I J-Life International

Kakefuton Cover

Our Kakefuton covers are handmade in the USA using a variety of cotton fabrics imported from Japan. These removable covers are washable and ensure that your Kakefuton stays clean. Kakefuton covers can be purchased with a Kakefuton, or purchased separately.

Kakefuton with cover I J-Life International


Our pillowcases are handmade in the USA of imported Japanese fabrics. These are pillow cases for standard sized American pillows, like our silk sleeping pillow.

Pillow case I J-Life International

Buckwheat Hull Pillow

Buckwheat Hull Pillows, available in either a neckroll or rectangular shape, are handmade in the USA. Filled with all natural buckwheat hulls, these pillows form to the contours of your neck and head for a supportive and restful sleep. They feature a hidden zipper so you can adjust the amount of buckwheat filling to your liking. Learn about the benefits of using a buckwheat pillow here.

Buckwheat Hull Pillows I J-Life International

Now that you understand each part of the Japanese Sleep System, you can choose what parts best suit your needs! We recommend selecting your shikifuton size first, then building the rest of your sleep system around that. 

Shikifuton Size

Tatami Mat Size

Shikifuton Cover Size

Kakefuton Size

Kakefuton Cover Size

Buckwheat Pillow Size


Folding Tatami Mat, Single Euro Full Tatami Mat, or Single Queen Tatami Mat

Cot Size



One Size


Standard tatami mat, folding tatami mat, or european full (two mats)

Twin Size



One Size


Folding tatami mat, Queen Tatami Mat (two mats)

TwinXL Size



One Size


Folding tatami mats (two mats) or european full (two mats)

Full Size



One size


Queen tatami mat (two mats)

Queen Size



One Size

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Hi, I’m really wanting a shikifuton because I like a firm mattress, but I sleep on my side and want enough cushion for my hips. Is the 3inch option more supportive? it says extra firm, but does the 4inch one firm as well and just thicker?


Hi, I was wondering if shikifuton are good for side sleepers as well as back sleepers or if you have to train yourself to sleep on your back more. My old mattress ends up hurting my hips with the springs. Thanks!

Caitlin Dailey

Hi, I’m interested in your tatami mat. I would like to have a king size tatami on my wood floor. Where does the tatami mat made in? Thanks.


Hello, I like what I’ve seen of your designs. Do you make sheet sets for standard (western) mattress’s and beds?

Daniel Hannon

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