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Anti-Odor Moisture-Wicking Toeless Socks

Anti-Odor Moisture-Wicking Toeless Socks

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These Anti-Odor Moisture-Wicking Toeless Socks function as "undersocks", designed to keep your feet free of excess sweat and odor- they're the best socks for smelly feet!

The convenient half-sock, toeless style of these anti-sweat socks allows them to be discreetly and comfortably worn with almost any type of footwear- from thong sandals to winter boots.

These socks are a popular trend in Japan since it is custom to remove one's shoes when entering a home- no one wants to cause offensive odors or leave sweaty footprints when entering someone's home as a guest!

The 5 color options include: Charcoal, Navy, Beige, Cream, and Coffee. These neutral tones allow you to choose whichever color anti-odor sock matches your skin tone and shoe colors best.

How does it work?

Washi thread and anti-odor fibers are weaved together to create an ultra absorbent, quick-drying sock. Washi thread is a fiber made from traditional Japanese washi (和紙) paper- known for its durability and absorbency- which is cut into thin strips and twisted to create a yarn. This is then spun with other fibers to create durability and elasticity.

Ways to wear:

  • Under regular socks in any shoe
  • Under high heels, flats, or dress shoes to create invisible comfort and grip
  • With low cut shoes as no-show socks
  • On bare feet as grip socks


  • Socks are super stretchy and not constricting, making them unisex & one size fits all.
  • Anti-odor properties from Lycra T-327C fiber.
  • Absorbent & dry fast thanks to Japanese washi thread.
  • Doesn't stick to the foot, even after sweating.
  • Anti-pilling fabric and durable
  • Machine washable
  • Made in Japan
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