J-Life Marugata Navy Buckwheat Hull Pillow
J-Life Marugata Navy Buckwheat Hull Pillow
J-Life Marugata Navy Buckwheat Hull Pillow
Buckwheat hulls held in cupped hands

J-Life Marugata Navy Buckwheat Hull Pillow

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The J-Life Soba Gara Makura

Our Japanese Buckwheat Hull Pillows will fit the contours of your head and neck and give the perfect amount of support.

They are made of 100% double cleaned organic American fluffy buckwheat hulls. Unlike imported buckwheat hulls, these contain no dangerous chemicals from fumigation.

We offer the pillows in two styles - a 13" x 18" rectangular pillow or a 3.5" x 15" neck pillow. Either style is available with a White Ultra Sateen outer pillow sheath rather than a colored one.

Rectangular 13" x 18" - 3.8 pounds.

Neck Roll 3.5" x 15" - 1.2 pounds.

Faithful to Japanese tradition, the set features an inner case with a convenient 'hidden' zipper for adjusting the amount of buckwheat hulls used for filling to your personal comfort level. The outer sleeve is made of the same cotton fabric or White Ultra Sateen, and, like the inner case, is machine washable. (Buckwheat hulls are not washable.)

Add-in the natural relaxing and calming properties of organic French lavender. It is known to greatly help with relaxation and an undisturbed nights sleep.

All our pillows are hand made by skilled craftsmen and designed to last for many years. This will quickly become your favorite pillow.

Learn more about the Japanese tradition of Soba Gara Makura

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