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J-Life Custom Zabuton Floor Pillows

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Zabuton Floor Pillows

J-Life Custom Zabuton Floor Pillows

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Zabuton Floor Pillow


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Firm Cushioning for Yoga or Just Sitting and Relaxing!

Each of our J-Life Traditional Zabuton floor pillows is handmade by skilled craftsmen in the United States.

Our inner pillow features a natural muslin fabric cover filled with 100% cotton batting.

This is the traditional zabuton filling currently used in Japan and is the highest quality, most comfortable, and best wearing filling available. Expect this authentic Japanese floor pillow to stand up to 8 - 12 years of daily use.

The J-Life zabuton is perfect for extended periods of sitting such as eating, studying, watching TV or meditating. Our hand made custom covers are made to order from exquisite 100% cotton fabrics imported from Japan and feature a side zipper to make cleaning a snap. Just wash the cover separately in cold water.

Consider ordering an extra cover to give your decor an occasional change or to cover an existing zabuton.

These Japanese floor pillows make wonderful meditation cushions and act as lovely home decor.

Zabuton and zabuton Covers are 21" x 22".

Please allow 5 - 7 days for us to custom make your zabuton or zabuton cover.

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J-Life Custom Zabuton Covers

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Consider a Second Cover for a Whole New Look!

Perk up a tired zabuton with a new cover or change your decor to suit the season.

*Free Ground Shipping is limited to the continental United States.