Fruiting Branches Hemp Noren




Japanese Art Noren

These exquisitely patterned noren are hand made and hand dyed by Japanese craftsmen using traditional Japanese techniques on elegantly textured hemp fabrics.

True works of art, each of these Japanese noren will serve splendidly as doorway dividers, curtains or wall hangings while adding an exotic note to any room.

Full Moon Hemp Noren Subtly Patterned Hemp Noren Pine Tassels Hemp Noren Zen Hemp Noren in 3 Colors Moon an dPlums Hemp Noren Shaded Hemp Noren Sakura Hemp Noren
Full Moon Ramie Noren
Subtly Patterned Ramie Noren
Pine Tassels Ramie Noren
Zen Ramie Noren
Moon and Plums Ramie Noren
Shaded Ramie Noren
Sakura Ramie Noren