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J-Life Kotatsu Futons

  • Asa No Ha Black

J-Life Custom Kotatsu Futons

$269.95 - $319.95 - Free Ground Shipping*

Just Imagine a Kotatsu Futon in Our Elegant Japanese Fabrics!

Kotatsu Futons are specialty blankets used in Japan to hold in the warmth from a kotatsu table.

Stunning Japanese traditional geometric fabrics or elaborate cotton sateens make our custom kotatsu futons uniquely yours.

Experience the warmth and comfort of a true Japanese-style kotatsu futon to hold the warmth under your kotatsu where it belongs. Match your kotatsu futon to our custom zabuton for a complete and authentic Japanese look.

Our kotatsu futons are made of 100% cotton Japanese fabrics backed with 100% Kona cotton and stuffed with layers of polyester. The rolled hem helps the futon hug the floor and contour around the people sitting at the table - making everything just as snug and cozy as can be.

Kotatsu table not included.

As these are made to order in your choice of fabric - please allow 5 to 7 days before shipping.

Kotatsu Futons are available to fit each of our tables: Square (80" x 80"), Rectangular (92" x 80") or Personal (fits our Personal Kotatsu Table) Size.

*Free Ground Shipping is limited to the continental United States.

Personal Kotatsu Futon - for Personal Kotatsu Table

Square Kotatsu Futon - 80" x 80"

Rectangular Kotatsu Futon - 92" x 80"